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Danish Citizenship

As a rule of thumb legitimate children of Danish nationals become Danish citizens at birth irrespective of whether they were born in Denmark or in any other country.

Children born to a Danish mother, or to a Danish father married to the mother, obtain Danish citizenship at birth. Such children will lose their Danish citizenship when they reach the age of 22, unless they have applied to retain their Danish citizenship, or have lived in Denmark for at least a year. The application must be made before the person concerned reaches the age of 22 and preferably immediately after attaining the age of 21.

For an application to succeed the applicant must demonstrate that they have maintained affinity with Denmark through visits to Denmark, having close relatives in Denmark and have some understanding of Danish culture and language.

People born in New Zealand and who acquire Danish citizenship by birth will not be required to give up their New Zealand citizenship when they apply to retain their Danish citizenship.

To download the form required to apply for retention of Danish citizenship click here.

Please send the completed form to

Slotsholmsgade 10
1216 Copenhagen K

This is free of charge. Applications cannot be lodged until the applicant turns 21 years and it is strongly recommended that it be lodged as soon as possible after that and well before the applicant turns 22. If it is late by even one day after the applicant turns 22, the opportunity to retain Danish citizenship is irrevocably lost.

Should you need help with this please contact your nearest Danish Consulate (click here for addresses). For the fee involved if consular assistance is required, please click here (item 149).

Danes who apply for or consent to taking on another nationality lose their Danish citizenship. If a parent or parents take on another nationality their unmarried children under 18 will also lose their Danish citizenship.

If you have lost your Danish citizenship you may after living a number of years in Denmark be eligible to recover it by naturalisation, but you would then be required to give up your New Zealand citizenship.